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DATE: 3 August 2000
VENUE/SHOW: The Coach House
LOCATION: San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA.


First set:
  • Lord Of The Starfields
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Look How Far
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Tokyo
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Down To The Delta
  • Use Me While You Can

    Second set:
  • End Of All Rivers
  • Live On My Mind
  • Embers Of Eden
  • Mango
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • Feast Of Fools
  • Last Night Of The World

    Encore 1:
  • Isn't That What Friends Are For?
  • When You Give It Away

    Encore 2:
  • Blueberry Hill
  • All The Diamonds


    Rick reported to the Project that:

    Bruce was casual, confident looking road worn but content. Seems to be having as much fun playing (if not more!) as we do listening. Straight from the heart, soul poured out, cosmic guitar riffs, little dialog. Glorious!

    Stephen Connella reported:

    I don't write down set lists but for what it's worth I thought I'd share a little of my experience seeing Bruce at Cuesta College and The Coach House. I'm from Hawaii and we flew over in Jan. just to see him at House of Blues and Coach House and of course he got sick and canceled Cuesta and The Coach House. We were very "lucky" to get to at least see the House of Blues concert and sick or not he rose to the occasion and was great! That was our first Cockburn concert having been listening to his music intensely for only two years.

    So we were lucky enough to be back in Calif. this summer and caught Cuesta and The Coach concerts. Cuesta really started off a little sleepy and the volume was really low during the first set so the energy though sweet, was a little low. We talked to the sound guy during the break and it was much much improved the second set where you could actually feel the drums and hear the bass and the energy really started coming alive with a big smile from Bruce and a "charging down the tracks" version of "Night Train".

    The Coach House was another story. The energy crackled from the minute he stepped on stage and opened with "Lord of the Starfields".The crowd was wild for his music and the applause between songs was deafening. He got standing ovations after a several songs. He played a lot of tunes and just kept rolling along. I brought 12 very "heart centered" friends, most not very familiar with his music, and we had a table dead center right at his feet. I would say we were "beaming" him with great energy and he "swept away" everyone I brought. I think he played every song on "Breakfast" cd a few from Charity of Night like "Live on My Mind", "Pacing the Cage", "Night Train" and I think "the Charity of Night". He played "Democracy" and a couple of other old one. He topped it all off by closing his second oncore with "Blueberry Hill" and "Give It Away". Unbelievable finish if you ask me!!!! His vibe was very high and very humble and gracious.

    Afterword, we stood around talking with our friends so long that he finally came out with his arms full of equipment. He went and put it away in the bus and came back and talked with us for quite some time. He was quite approachable and present with everyone there and seemed prepared to talk and sign "shirt sleeves" for as long as anyone wanted to chat. It was very refreshing to meet someone as brilliant and "famous" as he may be and be so "human" and unaffected.

    I have a radio show here on Kauai called Acoustic Cafe on Kauai Community Radio , Tuesdays 3-5 Hawaii time. I play Cockburn's music a lot.



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