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DATE: Summer 1993, exact date unknown
VENUE/SHOW: Station Square
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.



Jamie Thompson reported to Frank Brusca's Bruce Cockburn website:
In the summer of....1993? I saw bruce play solo at Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA. He was part of a multi-act show so he only played for an hour. The first tune was "Train in the Rain" which blew me away. Dart to the Heart was not released yet so I had never heard it before and I wondered if I would ever hear it again. Anyway, Bruce was having some equipment troubles (his guitar kept crackling on and off) which seemed to piss him off and he seemed kind of moody in general. Then a woman in the front row called out to him, " Play ' Wondering Where the Lions Are!'" Nothing could've prepared me for what came next....

Bruce exploded like a sun flare and yelled back at the woman, "OH THAT SONG MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT!!!" The audience fell into stunned silence as Bruce composed himself for a moment. Then he grinned sheepishly (that toothy grin) and said, "Of course, I'm glad that you like it...." The audience broke up into hysterics! I'll never forget that sheepish grin!

Then, in the spring of 1994 I saw bruce in Philly at the Keswick on the DTTH tour and he said something like: "Many of you in recent years have asked me to play 'Wondering Where the Lions Are' and found yourselves to be rebuffed.... sometimes violently. Well, I'd like to apologize for that. I just sort of fell out of liking that song....I guess I played it too much for a while there. Anyway, I'm back to liking the song." (Audience cheers).



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