-- Bone On Bone - (2017) --

Track Listing:
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Disc One

[1] States I'm In (5:47)
[2] Stab At Matter (3:46)
[3] Forty Years In The Wilderness (4:10)
[4] Cafe Society (4:30)
[5] 3 Al Purdys (6:08)
[6] Looking And Waiting (4:06)
[7] Bone On Bone (3:28)
[8] Mon Chemin (5:26)
[9] False River (6:57)
[10] Jesus Train (3:06)
[11] Twelve Gates To The City (3:51)

Album Info:

Liner Notes:

Editor Note: - Bone On Bone is scheduled for release September 2017.


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