-- Breakfast Caption Competition, September 1999 --

The Breakfast Caption Competition was held to celebrate the release of Cockburn's 25th album, "Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu" on 14 September 1999, and to remind ourselves not to take life too seriously.

The photo was an official publicity still of Bruce Cockburn for the new album, taken by photographer Kevin Kelly.

Nineteen captions were received before the entries deadline. One was not accepted for reasons of good taste. Online voting was carried out over a period of forty days - attracting 116 votes - resulting in a clear winner, "I knew I should have opened the window to let the bad air out!", from Stanley Yntema in Seattle, WA.

An 8x10 B&W copy of the original photograph is being dispatched as we speak to Mr. Yntema. Congratulations, Stanley.

Finally, thanks to everyone who submitted and/or voted for captions.

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