-- Yoko --


Rewrite of "Tokyo," by Alex Riggle

They're getting prepared to do another Beatles record
Even though their quality of late is rather checkered
Grinding wheels of commerce disregard the social cost
I'm thinking about the word "integrity" and what's been lost

Hard cash jingles and corporate faces beam
Gray-suited businessmen are pissing on my dreams
The way they treat John Lennon is really quite a sin
By overlaying tracks produced ... by Jeff Lynne!

Oh, Yoko, John Lennon once slept in your arms
Now profit's the only thing that's keeping you warm
Me and all these other fans ask if that's a way to behave?
Do you have to release these half-produced songs?
Lennon is spinning right in his grave
So I'm gonna diss you....

Dragon of good fortune chars to crisp the trickster fox
The only thing that matters is the power of the buck
Tonight I'm crying forlorn over the principle of the thing
"Free as a Bird" has a badly mangled wing

Oh Yoko....

© Alex Riggle


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