-- We're The Stalker Dudes --


Rewrite of "People See Through You," by Logan Shaw

Editor's note: Referencing Bruce's light-hearted joke at a performance about the Humans (the Bruce Cockburn mailing list) being "Internet stalkers".

We've got mail-relay action
chattiness to extremes
we've got primitive knee-lust
and high-tech means
we've got subscribers everywhere
yeah, we're the stalker dudes

got tape duplicaters
got our store of dupes
we've got the idiot clamour
of the newsgroups
we like to log on IRC
yeah, we're the stalker dudes

we've got instant communication
instant data tabulation
we've got the forces of computation
but we don't know if we've got Bruce's admiration
but, we're the stalker dudes

we've got weird computer language
contrived to confused
you might start to finally get it
once you've paid your dues
but it's a mailing list with an open invitation
yeah, we're the stalker dudes

we get concert dates so quick it's scary
we're makin' Bruce feel a little wary
cause of his shows around the world there's nary
a one where we aren't there -- eeee!
'cause we're the stalker dudes
we're the stalker dudes


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