-- The Trouble Now Piazza --


Rewrite of "The Trouble With Normal," by Greg Rodgers

Note: This one may not relate to some of you who live outside of North America and/or who are not sports fans. But this is my reaction to the appalling $91 million dollar contract that was given to Mike Piazza this week by the New York Mets If you understand it, please enjoy. -Greg Rodgers

Piazza gets 91 million just to play a game
Soon the other free agents will surely want the same
Suddenly it's 6 million for a DH who's over weight
He'll sit and pick his nose and while hitting .238
The fan on streets shrugs, "groceries come first"
The trouble now Piazza is it can only get worse

Greedy players in business suits speak of their discontent
While Slimy player agents demand their ten percent
We'll dishonour all our contracts unless we get our riches
The owners have the answer, "we'll lock out the sons of bitches"
It would all go back to normal
if they'd put they put their paying fans first
But the trouble now Piazza is it can only get worse

Fashionable owners say they'll move because their money's spent
We need a brand new stadium and of course we want free rent.
Tax payers get shafted because they will pay the bill
for the luxury box seats where the rich will get their fill
Economic misery for the city
while owners wallets burst


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