-- Tame Waters --


Rewrite of "Strange Waters," by Rob Caldwell

I've seen a shopping cart streaked by dirty rains
Seen a swimming pool topped by tiny waves
Seen alleys where people throw their garbage
A man whose shirt is a dull-colored beige

I've stood on my lawn with a garden hose
Walked up my driveway as I scratched my nose
Seen a guy walk a dog right down the road
Now I'm sitting on the couch watching the Tonight Show

You been leading me
Beside tame waters

Across the parking lot of the mall
The sign of Sears stands so tall
Some will run and some will stand
Everything is bullshit but the coupon in your hand

Oh you been leading me
Beside tame waters
Streets of parking meters
In the night
But where is my picnic table
In these vast suburbs
If I lose my spatula
Can I barbecue?


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