-- Suburban Architecture --


Rewrite of "Fascist Architecture," by Greg Rodgers

Suburban Architecture of the boring kind
McDonalds, gas bars and plazas all in a line
You lured me out here to raise my kids
But it won't do them any good when I blow my lid

My mortgage is sucking up all my cash
While my credit rating crumbles and burns
A billion houses the same in too many ways
A billion cul-de-sacs forming a giant rat maze

Sprawling stores and furniture buys
Raised on landfill towards the skies

Driving time has doubled, it's not okay
Want to wave my middle finger, cause I'm not okay
Malls are calling, come here and pay
I am at their mercy, and I'm not okay

Gonna ask my old lady, why are we here
What the hell do we have to fear.
Let's move downtown again


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