-- Isn't That What 'Friends' Is For? --


Rewrite of "Isn't That What Friends Are For?," by Norm Le Blanc

Editor's note: Referring to 'Friends' the TV sitcom in the US.

Heavy northern autumn sky
it's September
dark room, bright screen
and the new episodes go on forever
(even though I know it's only 9 weeks)

I look along that row of aging faces -
Gen X, my ass! Get some sleep, or a
spikey haircut - no receding hairline...

My world is full of seasons -
of repeats, reruns, 'encores' ;
and it comes to mind that I should take up knitting

Nothing is so sure - or so reused;
and no matter how
much we think it's overdone,
everyone gets their chance to be married to

Love's supposed to heal,
but they never told you
life was gonna be this way
and you know
it's all becoming perpetual whines;
and I would crush my nut
and dance in a paisley tutu
if Rachel could be mauled by rabid dingoes

Isn't that what 'Friends' is for?
Isn't that what 'Friends' is for?

We're the divan tubers of paradise
drooling into our cheez doodles or
leering at Monica's jigglies -
glimpsing only sometimes anything slightly
resembling an IQ

You're as loved as you were
before the fall season started -
that is to say, not at all;
and we could speak without irony
phrases like "could it BE
any more pathetic?"

I've been scraping little skin-things
off the inside of my armpit
and I've formed it into a ball
and each time I pack a bit more onto it
and I say a chant over it and
I scoop it into an envelope -
and if I could only remember the address
I'd sneeze on it and send it to Joey -
take THAT for having the same name as me!

Isn't that what 'Friends' is for?
Isn't that what 'Friends' is for?
Isn't that what 'Friends' is for?


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