-- Foam In My Beer --


Rewrite of "Bone In My Ear," by Alex Riggle.

There's foam in my beer
About five inches high
My moustache is wet
But my throat is still dry
I asked the bartender
To pour down the side
But there's foam in my beer
About five inches high.

In my mind there's an image
Of a perfect beer glass
A dark, hoppy beer
Like some that I've had
Maybe one centimeter,
Maybe one-and-a-half
Of foam in my beer
Would make me so glad.

Cheese on the burger
Thick fries on my plate
Catsup and salt
My thirst cannot wait
My microbrew's waiting
Cool, dark, rich, and wet
But this foam in my beer
Is all I can get.

Whining in the diner
Complaints in the bar
Can't get me a beer
Without foam down to h'yar
Don't know what's the reason
But time after time
There's foam in my beer.
I'm switching to wine.

© 1998 Alex Riggle.


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