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-- 18 November 2023 --

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18 November 2023


Lobero Theatre


Santa Monica, CA. USA


Solo - O Sun O Moon tour. Special guest Steve Postell.

Bruce Cockburn & Jackson Browne - 18nov23 - Lobero

Bruce Cockburn & Jackson Browne - 18nov23 - Lobero


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Encore with Steve Postell:

Comments/further information

Setlist - provided by Joe Hunt, who commented: Show started with a 45 minute set by singer songwriter and fine guitarist Steve Postell and ended with Bruce and Steve performing Bruce's 3-song encore. It was very special. Bruce, the pro that he is, skipped his usual intermission and played the entire set straight through with no break. - Joe Hunt

Photos: - Backstage at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara on November 18. Bruce with Jackson Browne, and Jackson and Steve Postell who opened the show.


Editor Note: The backdrop was made by Edmond Deraedt, who used to live in Arcata, CA, early 1990's to 2004. He hand made the backdrop, and it looks amazing, properly lit.

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