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-- 7 September 2019--

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7 September 2019


Sisters Folk Festival


Sisters, OR. USA

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Solo - Bone On Bone/Crowing Ignites tour



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Bend Bulletin

"Cockburn, in his Folk Festival debut, delivered a fine overview of his lengthy career (five decades, 34 albums including the upcoming “Crowing Ignites”) starting with some of his most well-known numbers. He opened strong with “Silver Wheels” — so strong, in fact, that it was hard to believe when he complained of catching a cold that same day. Immediately after that confession, he launched into “Lovers in a Dangerous Time,” with maybe a little strain on the high notes that would have been unnoticeable if not for the mention."

"The high points showcased Cockburn’s wry wit alongside his social consciousness: “Cafe Society,” from 2017’s Juno-winning “Bone on Bone,” tackled the navel-gazing of social media, while “3 Al Purdy’s,” recorded for a film about the Canadian poet, took on the point of view of a homeless man obsessed with Purdy, who offers people on the street “three Al Purdy’s for a $20 bill.” ~ Brian McElhiney - The Bulletin

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