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-- 21 November 2019 --

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21 November 2019


Freight & Salvage


Berkeley, CA. USA

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Crowing Ignites tour w/ John Aaron Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn  - Freight & Salvage - Berkeley CA  - 22 November 2019 - photo Brian Gore




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Setlist provided to the Project by Bobbi Wisby, who states,

Lots of 'nice shirt' call outs (his celestial one) - Bruce tells us his mother made this shirt for him 30 years ago!

During If A Tree Falls on Thursday night there was a buzz, about half way through the song, Bruce stopped and fiddled with the pedals a bit then someone in the crowd said to check the guitar jack, it was loose and he started the song over again.

It was Bruce's daughter Iona's 8th birthday, and she was there. He sang (we all chimed in) Happy Birthday to her.
The crowd was high energy and kept Bruce and John smiling. I love being at gigs where the crowd gives itself to Bruce .. the energy exchange is wonderful. I've been to many many shows (maybe 40?) and this one does stand out, much like people were saying about the Seattle show.

John Aaron is a talented musician and the duo is so good together, his vocal harmonies were beautiful and I loved how he was always 'right there' to back up Bruce. Love this duo. And especially when both were playing the Manzers!

Photo: Brian Gore - Instagram (This is from the Friday November 22 show)

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