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-- 10 November 2019 --

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10 November 2019


Neptune Theatre


Seattle, WA. USA

Show comments:

Crowing Ignites tour w/ John Aaron Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn & John Aaron Cockburn - Neptune Theatre - Seattle WA  - 10 November 2019 - photo Daniel Keebler
Bruce Cockburn - Neptune Theatre - Seattle WA  - 10 November 2019 - photo Rob Kneisler




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Setlist provided to the Project by Rob Kneisler.

Photos: Daniel Keebler & Rob Kneisler

Video clip: decafdoggo - Twitter

Show Report - Audrey Pearson: "Bruce came on stage to loud cheers and hoots. With a big grin on his face, he said "Hello." And I thought "These are my people!" No concert artist this time. Bruce is a ROCK STAR. And he and John Aaron totally got down and rocked the place. There was even smoke - and special effects too! (Woo.)"
"This gig is one of the best I've been to - in large part because the crowd was so responsive. As I said, Bruce feeds off the crowd's energy. The more we give, the more he gives. If the crowd is having fun, Bruce is having fun. There were lots of shouts and comments. Even John Aaron was grinning a little. At some point, Bruce said he wanted to take us all on the tour bus with him."

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