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-- 10 August 2019--

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10 August 2019


Edmonton Folk Festival


Edmonton, AB. Canada

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Bone On Bone/ Crowing Ignites tour with band - The band is Gary Craig - drums, John Dymond - bass and John Aaron Cockburn - accordian/violin/guitar.

Bruce Cockburn - 10Aug19 - Edmonton Folk Festival - photo Fish Griwkowsky
Bruce Cockburn & Ani DiFranco - 10Aug19 - Edmonton Folk Festival - photo Daniel Keebler
Bruce Cockburn - 10Aug19 - Edmonton Folk Festival - photo Rocco Macri


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Instagram - @soundcheckentertainment

Edmonton Journal - check out the photos!
'Decked out in a camouflage jacket, changing guitars every other song, you knew that Bruce Cockburn was on a musical mission. Part of that mission included slight revisions of older songs like Lovers in a Dangerous Time and Peggy’s Kitchen Wall, deep cuts (Tokyo), dobro strummed blues (Cafe Society), elegies for Canadian poets (3 Al Purdys), accordion-led political rants. Concentration was complete as the singer-songwriter and guitar deity ignored the swarming mosquitoes attracted to his Juno-enriched blood.'

Soul Folkies Reflect on Folk Fest 'If you were there you have your own stories and memories from four days on the hill. Some of our favourites include: – Bruce Cockburn singing Forty Years In The Wilderness at the Influences workshop Saturday afternoon, the line “You could trade away your birthright for another day’s supplies” hitting home with remarkable clarity. Later in the same session, Ani DiFranco flubbing a few of the lines to Rocky Racoon and a crowd-fueled effort of wide smiles and mouthed words helping her through, Cockburn delivering the line of the day afterward: “They don’t write ‘em like that anymore.”'

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