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DATE: 13 December 2009
VENUE/SHOW: Freight and Salvage
Berkeley, CA, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: The third set of a Jenny Scheinman show that also featured Myra Melford and Robbie Gjersoe.


  • Slow Down Fast
  • The Littlest Prisoner (by Jenny Scheinman)
  • Bone In My Ear
  • Iris Of The World
  • Infant Of Dinosaur Crane (by Jenny Scheinman)
  • This Is Baghdad
  • Put It In Your Heart

  • Encores

  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Happy Woman (by Lucinda Williams)
  • Anything Can Happen


    Setlist submitted by Don Boring, Russell Cole and Dianna who provided the following comments:

    Before Slow Down Fast Bruce defined the CSIS Canadian Security something something agency, all of which he considered oxymoronic but for maybe the Canadian part - for us south of the border types in the US of A. Littlest Prisoner was a song Jenny wrote for her then unborn baby at eight months of pregnancy. Bone In My Ear had a great violin solo, and the musicians just loved playing together. Bruce introduced Iris Of The World as follows: "This is new. It is a road song. I've done a lot of road songs over the years. I did a gig for the Canadian Autoworkers Union a few years ago and when I looked through my work there were roads and wheel shit everywhere. You'd think in this era when we should not be doing this stuff, I'd find something else to write about, but oh, well. So here is another road song." Infant Of Dinosaur Crane is an instrumental by Jenny that Bruce had requested they do from her early work. Very interesting chords - quite dissonant and haunting. They brought Moya back up on stage for this one. Bruce introduced Anything Can Happen by saying: "A long time ago a friend of mine decided not to commit suicide. I was obviously relieved, even if he can be a pain some times. The event or rather lack of event - inspired this song."



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