-- 11 April 2009 --

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DATE: 11 April 2009
VENUE/SHOW: MiMo Theatre
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM, USA


  • World Of Wonders
  • Last Night Of The World
  • See You Tomorrow
  • Night Train
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • The City Is Hungry
  • Jerusalem Poker
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • How I Spent My Fall Vacation

  • Interval

  • Wait No More
  • Elegy
  • Bone In My Ear
  • Call Me Rose
  • Kit Carson
  • Put It In Your Heart
  • If A Tree Falls
  • Mystery

  • Encores

  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Pacing The Cage
  • New instrumental
  • Anything Can Happen


    Submitted by Audrey (with an amendment from Greg Strong):

    Albuquerque is more of a gritty town than Santa Fe; definitely not an "oeuvre" kind of place. Bruce played at the Kimo Theatre (oops Theater), which is a restored 1920s theatre in downtown Albuquerque right on Route 66. The theatre is sort of Hollywood meets the Southwest art deco style. (Think old westerns and cowboys and Indians). There is some remarkable art, including swastikas on shields, which are an ancient Hopi symbol and lights in cattle skulls and it's so over the top that it works. Bruce hasn't played Albuquerque since 1987. Still the theater was full. Bruce didn't have the coiled intensity and power he did yesterday. He was far more relaxed and chatty.

    When Bruce picked up the charango to tune it, he said "Now we're rocking!" After the song [Bone In My Ear], someone asked "What is that?" and Bruce explained that is was a charango from the Andes of South America that is traditionally made of an armadillo shell. Then he turned the charango sideways to show that no armadillo was harmed to make this charango. Only a tree died.

    Call Me Rose (I didn't get all chorus correct, but I can't write that fast) is a great song. Everyone laughed at the first two lines. This one is a keeper. There were more stories with Call Me Rose. Bruce said that he woke up with the song in his head. Then he got talking about his dreams; that he had a dream once that he was the first gay president of the United States; and he had a cowboy hat and was very Clintonesque. Everyone laughed at this one. He said he didn't think he was gay, and he had many gay friends who thought the same thing. I asked if he was going to write a companion song for George Bush (e.g. Bush being reincarnated as kid in Iraq) and he said that means he'd have to wake up with George Bush in his head and if he did, he would probably shoot himself.

    Kit Carson was again very powerful, especially given we're here where it all happened.

    I'm very sure [the new instrumental] was new. It's incredible. I don't have the musical vocabulary to describe it, but Bruce's fingers flew all over the place. The guitar players are all going to fall over in a dead faint.

    Bruce really had fun with [Anything Can Happen] and hammed it up. He forgot a line and hummed it and said "Something like that." I think that last night he wouldn't have been so carefree about it.

    I did wish Bruce Happy Easter. He just grinned at me.



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