-- Bruce Cockburn's Live on World Cafe (2002) --

Track Listing:

No Cover
This CD was a special promotion with Anything Anytime Anywhere.
[1] Thoughts on September 11 (4:44)
[2] How I Spent My Fall Vacation (5:25)
[3] Bruce's Sabbatical (2:43)
[4] Anything Anytime Anywhere (3:10)
[5] Bruce on finding his voice (4:04)
[6] Creation Dream (4:32)
[7] Instrumental (1:00)
[8] The inspiration for 'Celestial Horses' (2:07)
[9] Celestial Horses (5:05)
[10] Thoughts on singer-songwriters today (1:46)
[11] The Trouble With Normal (3:20)
[12] What's next (1:09)

Album Info:

Production notes:
Released worldwide on 15 January 2002.
Bruce Cockburn's Live on World Cafe is a promotional release. If you purchased Anything Anytime Anywhere, through Borders Books, you received this CD free.
This was the 25 September 2001 appearance on World Cafe.

Song credits:
All songs written by Bruce Cockburn ©Golden Mountain Music Corp. (SOCAN)


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