-- You Get Bigger As You Go --
23 March 1980. Ottawa, Canada.

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Humans (1980)

So I find out what the luxury of hate is
As exciting maybe as doing the dishes
Face toward window -- light received
You walk away to see a film
See some people see a man
Stab in throat twist in gut all too clear
Not too new -- all been done before
Planet breathes exhaustion
Staggers on
Wnemy anger impotent gun grease
Too many thoughts
Too dogshit tired
One small step for freedom
From foregone conclusion

You get bigger as you go
No one told me -- I just know
Bales of memory like boats in tow
You get bigger as you go

You get bigger as you go
Spent all day afraid to talk
Redneck children laugh out loud
I being target live and walk

You get bigger as you go
Telephone snarls "don't touch me"
You move in waves like the midnight blues
You vector of this weird dis-ease

You get bigger as you go
News reruns -- dawn comes rainbow
Pain takes shape of grimy window
You get bigger as you go

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