-- The View From Pompous Head --
released 1968*

Found on:
"Christopher's Movie Matinee" by 3's A Crowd, released in 1968. Although Bruce Cockburn wrote this song he was not with the group at the time of its recording.

In a brown-stone factory
My friend Jervis Fragrance sits alone
Among his reveries
Of sitting once upon a throne
Or maybe being Prime Minister some day
Who knows where he's wonder'd to today

To the park day after day
His daughter Marj'rie comes to eat the lunch he packs
To save her pay
And gathers tulips in a bunch
To brighten up the office for a while
Maybe she can get someone to smile.

Meanwhile inside city hall
The amateurs are fighting all the time
About such things as protocol
And weighty matters like the limestone quarry
Should it be thought of as a mine?
While small boys throw pebbles at the sign

The citizens of the freak world
Hold themselves aloof from all
This comedy
And no one speaks except to call
On Dear Old Dad to ask him for a buck
And I just sit and wish them all "good luck."

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  • Editor's Note - *Found on the album "Christopher's Movie Matinee", by 3's A Crowd, released in 1968. Bruce Cockburn was not part of the group when it was recorded. There has been some question as to whether this particular song was wrongly credited to Bruce. It may in fact be by William Hawkins, who wrote much of 3's A Crowd's lyrics.

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