-- Starwheel --
23 January 1975

Found on:

Joy Will Find A Way (1975)

Circles In The Stream (1977) [live album]

Orion's high in the south-west sky --
You're bound to move on and so am I
On this world we've had time to burn --
how come nobody ever seems to learn?
See how the starwheel turns.

Crystal drift on the whistling wind --
Constant change is the space we're in
You may use a slide rule or a golden crown
But nothing's worth it that you can pin down --
See how the starwheel turns.

Don't go playing no shell game with God --
Only Satan's going to give you odds
We're given love and love must be returned --
That's all the bearings that you need to learn
See how the starwheel turns.

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • Editor's note: Lyrics/music co-written with Kitty Cockburn. Source: album notes of Circles In The Stream.

  • 1986 - "Looking at big skies out of small eyes in ice-clear rural winter night." - from "All The Diamonds" songbook, edited by Arthur McGregor, OFC Publications 1986. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

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