-- It's An Elephant's World --
(2003 - released on re-mastered High Winds White Sky)

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High Winds White Sky (2003)

Rumours of Glory - box set Disc 1 (2014) [compilation album]

Somebody made off with my favourite toy
That I bought with my government grant
The world situation seems to be taking
A definite turn for the worse
Somebody put me in reverse
What fence would hold my pride and joy
Unless he was a man-eating plant
That mother is asking to wind up basking
In fame in the back of a hearse
Somebody made my bubble burst
Call in the guard, he's out in the yard
been lax in his duties for real
Take him to task for being so crass
As to let someone in who would steal

Great thrills are in store for us all
While the world is on such a slant
Though he's a bit funky
The girls love his trunk
He's a hit without deodorant
But somebody stole my elephant
If you should meet him please give me a call
The number is inscribed on the bathroom wall
You're bound to see him
At the beach or the be-in
Even though some people can't
Get used to believing in elephants
Call in the guard
He's out in the yard
He bungled this job up for sure
He blew it in style
But he's just a child
We'll send him away for the cure
And we'll all go away for a cure

Editors Note: - This is an unreleased song that was performed live in the 1960's. It was mentioned in an article in The Music Scene, July-August 1970, by Lee Lewis. - Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

  • 19 September 2003 - These two recordings [Totem Pole] may be the earliest known live recordings from a then very young Bruce Cockburn. They were recorded at the Bitter Grounds Coffee House in Kingston Ontario on January 23, 1970. Bruce's first album simply titled Bruce Cockburn had been recorded but not yet released. It was to come out a few months later in April of that same year.

    Bruce was already doing many of the songs which were to appear on 'High Winds White Sky', his second LP, during his live shows. An also very young aspiring recording engineer Doug McClement approached Bruce with the idea of recording his show. Doug was still in high school at the time. Bruce said yes. The recording was done directly to a cassette player using just one microphone. Although the recording is very rudimentary it captures Bruce at the very beginning of his solo career and shows the beginning of his now legendary style.

    These two songs had been thought to be lost but when Doug heard we were doing a series of reissues he went back to his archives and discovered this tape. Both of these songs were originally considered for 'High Winds White Sky' but were never recorded during the sessions.

    Oh yes, Doug McClement and his company LiveWire Remote Recorders has gone on to be one of North Americašs leading remote recording engineers. His work can be heard on live or remote recordings by many artists including Leonard Cohen, Steve Earle, Oscar Peterson, Blue Rodeo and Stevie Ray Vaughan. ~~Bernie Finkelstein

  • 6 September 2003 - This song is to be included on the 2003 remastered version of High Winds White Sky.

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