-- Grinning Moon --
Halton Hills, ON - August 1995

Found on:

Rumours of Glory - box set Disc 8 (2014) [compilation album]

Rarities (2022) - digital release

O Sun O Moon (2023) - vinyl release

Mmm hmm
La da da da
Da da da da

There was a grinning moon
There was the clash of blades
There was a chemical stench
Blowing up the hill

There was the ghost of a porch light
There was blood on the glass
There was a hole in the eye
Where the light was spilled

Mmm hmm
La da da da
Da da da da

There were hanging stars
There were dark shapes running
The ashes of the dead
Went floating past the mill

There was an empty road
There was a long chance
There was a far-off trumpet
When the wind was still

Mmm hmm Mmm da da
La da da da
Da da da da

Bruce Cockburn: Guitar, Vocal

Produced by Bruce Cockburn
Recorded at Studio Comfort Sound, Toronto in 1995

Demo recording by Bruce Cockburn, previously unreleased.

Editors Note: 2022: Re-released on digital album Rarities
2023: Re-released on vinyl version O Sun O Moon

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