-- Don't Have To Tell You Why --
1 December 1973. Toronto, Canada.

Found on:

Salt, Sun and Time (1974)

Rumours of Glory - box set Disc 2 (2014) [compilation album]

Don't want to be on no rooftop
Frying in the afternoon sun
Don't want to sit by no fountain
Listening to the man-made stream run
Just want to stand where the sea-spray
Gleams like fire with you
And I don't have to tell you why

Don't want to go to no parties
Full of fair-weather friends
Don't want to be in no "in" crowd
Chasing after every trend
Just want to stand on some hillside
In Wales with you
And fly -- don't have to tell you why

Don't want to live in no mansion
Ornate as a crown prince's church
Don't want to live on no sidewalk
Underneath no pigeon's perch
Just want to stand at the rainbow's
Real end with you
And I don't have to tell you why

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