-- Bruce writing the score for documentary film --
-- made by Les Stroud aka Survivorman --

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Les Stroud aka Survivorman and Bruce Cockburn in San Francisco, CA - 25June18 - photo Les Stroud

18 July 2018 - Les Stroud - "Back in San Fran to work with Canadian legend #brucecockburn on my new feature documentary film" - 25 June 2018 - via Twitter - #reallesstroud.

About a week later, Bruce was off to Ashland, Oregon to do the score for a documentary film being made by Les Stroud, aka Survivorman.

I also have a new independent feature documentary film I am releasing called La Loche. Its a story based on the school shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2016 and about how nature can heal. The score is being done by Bruce Cockburn, along with some songs from Robbie Robertson, myself and orchestration and scoring by David Bateman. ~ Les Stroud

~ from Interview Les Stroud By Pamela Roz on May 23, 2018 -

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