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20 November 2017 - The lights. The hundreds of voices. The instruments across the stage, positioned just so in front of a backdrop you’ll probably never see again. Fan faces that remind you of how your own must look – excited, hopeful, grateful.. wired!

All part of going to a concert to see one of your favorite musicians, right? This is, after all, what got us into music and gear in the first place: the music itself! The artist and accompanying machinery were second to the songs he, she or they created: what they do to us, how they change us, where they give us new insights, when they cause us to really feel something, and how they become a part of our life.

All these things are an apt montage of how I have been impacted by the music of Bruce Cockburn. Since being introduced to his repertoire in Europe in the late 80s, I have bought almost every album he ever made, and let me tell you… he’s made a lot! Last month he released his THIRTY-FIRST album, entitled “Bone On Bone”! Prolific much?! Not only did I buy that (of course), but this past Friday night I saw him again live, as he performed to a sold-out, packed house, a fleeting number of his most favoured songs, as well as quite a few stellar new creations.

Before the show began, I took some time to take a quick glimpse at the gear he used for the night. Not only did I want to personally know how he pulls off these epic, unforgettable tunes – I knew you would too. Come take a peek with me! (click through for full article)

~ from Bruce Cockburn – Glimpses of a Master’s Gear - Serious G.A.S. by Teaj

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