-- Rumours of Glory: 14 of the best Bruce Cockburn songs about faith, life and God --
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11 August 2017 - Bruce Cockburn released his first album in 1970. He's now 72 and his latest, Bone On Bone, will be coming out next month. With a career spanning five decades, there is a wealth of wonderful music and lyrics to draw from in his back catalogue.

His transition from acoustic troubadour to Christian mystic was followed by a spell where his music concentrated mainly on political and environmental activism.

Throughout his long career of recording and touring, chronicled in his 2014 memoir, Rumours Of Glory, Cockburn has consistently touched on spiritual themes.

His writing is influenced heavily by the Christian tradition. He recently said that he remains on a spiritual journey: 'I don't know the answer. I'm still working on it, and that is perhaps why people are willing to listen to the stuff I put into songs.'

Here, we look at some of Cockburn's most enduring spiritual songs...
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