Legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn delivers his long-awaited memoir
and RUMOURS OF GLORY, the companion box set to release on True North Records

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Bruce Cockburn's memoir Rumours of Glory book cover

8 September 2014 - Legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn delivers his long-awaited memoir, RUMOURS OF GLORY– a chronicle of faith, fear, and activism, and a lively cultural, political, and musical tour through the past five decades.

RUMOURS OF GLORY, the companion box set to release on True North Records.

The long-awaited memoir from legendary singer - songwriter Bruce Cockburn, Rumours of Glory, will be published by Harper One in the U.S. and HaperCollinsCanada on November 4, 2014. Best known for his memorable songs including ‘Pacing the Cage’ (1995), ‘If a Tree Falls’ (1988), ‘If I Had a Rocket Launcher’ (1984), ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Time’ (1984) and ‘Wondering Where the Lions Are’ (1979), the award-winning songwriter and pioneering guitarist, whose life and music has been shaped by politics, protest, romance, and spiritual discovery, has released 31 albums spanning five decades.

Cockburn’s albums have sold over 7 million copies worldwide. He is revered by fans and fellow musicians alike as one of the most important songwriters of his generation.

Cockburn says of deciding to write his memoir, “Over the years, the notion that there should be a book about me has popped up now and then, along with offers to write it. It always seemed too soon, and I’ve felt all along that such a book should be mine to author. When Harper One expressed their interest, it finally did seem timely, so here we go!”

In Rumours of Glory, [memoir] Cockburn invites readers into his private world, providing an intimate commentary on his life and work, focused on the roots of his songwriting and the stories behind his best known songs.

From Ottawa in 1945 (where he was born) through to Baghdad in 2004, Cockburn shares his family life, personal relationships, Christian convictions, and the social and political activism that has defined him and his music, and has both invigorated and incited his legions of fans worldwide. For Cockburn, music has always been a key way to explore culture, politics and the nature of the spirit, and his remarkable journey has seen him embrace folk, jazz, blues, rock, and world beat styles.

As a long-time activist, Cockburn has spoken out on a range of issues: native rights, land mines, human rights atrocities in war-torn countries, Third World debt, ecological devastation, and corporate crime. Cockburn has been awed, appalled, and incensed by what he has seen and felt, and by the very real evil that humans can inflict on one another. As he outlines in Rumours of Glory, he believes that we can, and should, be dedicated to our shared humanity, to saving ourselves, each other and this earth – we just need to find the will. That will comes from maintaining a relationship with the Divine, and following the way of love. And that journey, for Cockburn, has been marked in music. As he says in the book, “In a way we, and all living things, are made of music … music is my diary, my anchor through anguish and joy, a channel for the heart.”

Bruce Cockburn's memoir Rumours of Glory and box set of cds and dvds

Rumours of Glory is also the title of a box set collection curated by Cockburn himself as a companion piece to his memoir; the songs are presented in the same order they appear in the book. This limited edition 117-song, nine-disc set includes 16 rare and previously unreleased songs and a live concert DVD – the artist’s only full-length concert video. Each box set is autographed, sequentially numbered and includes a 90 page book featuring rare photos, extensive track information, and liner notes written by Nicholas Jennings. (Available October 28, 2014 on Bruce’s long time record label, True North Records.)

Rumours of Glory - a box set collection

*****FREE SHIPPING***** (North America Only)

Release Date October 28th (Will ship on October 24th)

Highlights of this box set include:



1. The Charity Of Night 2. If A Tree Falls 3. Man of A Thousand Faces 4. One Day I Walk 5. Let Us Go Laughing 6. Bird Without Wings (previously unreleased) 7. Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon 8. Sunwheel Dance 9. Foxglove 10. Going To The Country 11. It's An Elephant World (previously unreleased) 12. You Don't Have To Play The Horses 13. Creation Dream 14. Shining Mountain 15. Hills Of Morning 16. Change Your Mind 17. He Came From The Mountain 18. Musical Friends


1. Fall 2. Blues Got The World 3. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 4. All The Diamonds In The World 5. Rouler Sa Bosse 6. Don't Have To Tell You Why 7. Red Brother Red Sister 8. Gavin's Woodpile 9. Stolen Land 10. Lord Of The Starfields 11. Silver Wheels 12. Little Sea Horse 13. Celestial Horses 14. Feast of Fools 15. Can I Go With You 16. Wondering Where The Lions Are


1. Incandescent Blue 2. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 3. What About The Bond 4. Fascist Architecture 5. Rumours Of Glory 6. You Pay Your Money And Take Your Chance 7. All's Quiet On The Inner City Front 8. Justice 9. Broken Wheel 10. The Trouble With Normal 11. Tropic Moon 12. If I Had A Rocket Launcher 13. Waiting For A Miracle 14. Dust & Diesel 15. Yangui Go Home 16. Nicaragua


1. Peggy's Kitchen Wall 2. Santiago Dawn 3. Maybe The Poet 4. Lover's In A Dangerous Time 5. To Raise The Morning Star 6. People See Through You 7. Planet Of The Clowns 8. Berlin Tonight 9. Where The Death Squad Lives 10. Anything Can Happen 11. Call It Democracy 12. Gospel Of Bondage 13. Shipwrecked At The Stable Door 14. Radium Rain 15. Understanding Nothing


1. Tibetan Side Of Town 2. Child Of The Wind 3. Great Big love 4. One Of The Best Ones 5. Soul of A Man 6. Cry Of A Tiny Babe 7. Kit Carson 8. Indian Wars 9. A Dream Like Mine 10. Someone I Used To Love 11. All The Ways I Want You 12. Live On My Mind 13. Bone In My Ear 14. Listen For The Laugh


1. The Mines Of Mozambique 2. The Coming Rains 3. Pacing The Cage 4. Night Train 5. the Whole Night Sky 6. Strange Waters 7. The Embers Of Eden 8. Get Up Jonah 9. When You Give It Away 10. Mango 11. Last Night Of The World 12. Use Me While You Can 13. Put It In Your Heart


1. All Our Dark Tomorrows 2. Trickle Down 3. Postcards From Cambodia 4. You've Never Seen Everything 5. My Beat 6. Tried And Tested 7. Tell The Universe 8. This Is Baghdad 9. Mystery 10. Beautiful Creatures 11. The Light Goes On Forever


1. Juan Carlos Theme 2. Waterwalker 3. My Hometown Avalon 4. Wise Users 5. Going Down The Road 6. The Whole Night Sky 7. Grinning Moon 8. Song For Touring Around The Stars 9. Come Down Healing 10. Mystery Walk (Instrumental) 11. The Trains Don't Come Here Anymore 12. Ribbon of Darkness 13. Turn Turn Turn 14. Honey Please Let The Deal Go Down

DVD Bruce Cockburn Live - The Slice O Life Tour Directed by Joel Goldberg Recorded May 15 - 17, 2008

1. Lovers In A Dangerous Time 2. Wait No More 3. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 4. Last Night of The World 5. If I had a rocket Launcher 6. Child Of the Wind 7. Night Train 8. Wondering where the lions are 9. If a tree falls 10. Mystery 11. King Kong 12. This Is Baghdad 13. Stolen Land 14. Pacing the Cage 15. Going To The Country 16. World of Wonders 17. Tibetan Side Of Town 18. The End Of All Rivers 19. Trouble With Normal 20. See You Tomorrow 21. Put it in your Heart 22. Tokyo

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About Bruce Cockburn: Born in 1945 in Ottawa, Ontario, Cockburn began his solo career with his 1970 self-titled album. His extensive repertoire of musical styles and skillfully crafted lyrics have been covered by such diverse artists as Jerry Garcia, Elbow, Chet Atkins, Judy Collins, Barenaked Ladies, Jimmy Buffett, and k.d. Lang. A devoted and deeply respected activist, he has worked with organizations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Friends of the Earth, and USC Canada.

Bruce Cockburn Rumours of Glory -  a memoir full jacket cover

The New York Times has called him a “virtuoso on guitar,” while Acoustic Guitar magazine placed him in the esteemed company of Andrés Segovia, Bill Frisell, and Django Reinhardt. Bruce Cockburn has released 31 albums, won 12 Juno Awards and 21 gold/platinum certifications. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and recipient of the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Canada's highest honour in the performing arts), along with being a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame, and recipient of eight honorary doctorates from Universities throughout North America. Bernie Finkelstein, founder of True North Records, has been his management partner for 40 years.

RUMOURS OF GLORY - a memoir by Bruce Cockburn
with Greg King

HarperCollinsCanada, hardcover, $35.99
On-Sale November 4, 2014
To Purchase from HarperCollins:

Here is a link to an excerpt - Overture and Chapter 4: Rumours-of-Glory-A-Memoir-by-Bruce-Cockburn-Excerpt-Overture-and-Chapter-4

Here is a link to an excerpt - Chapter 11: Rumours-of-Glory-A-Memoir-by-Bruce-Cockburn-Excerpt-Chapter-11

9 Disc box set, $149.99
Full tracklisting at
Available October 28, 2014

Book Publicity Contact: Miranda Snyder
416-975-9334 x 165,
US Book Publicity Contact: Renee Senogles

True North Records Publicity Contact: David MacMillan
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~ from Bernie Finkelstein/Official Bruce Cockburn Facebook page and True North Records

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