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22 May 2014 - Junk in the Trunk: Driveís Daily Blog for Thursday May 22
Every week, Rich Terfry looks back in our Rear-view Mirror at a great song from the good olí days. This week, Bruce Cockburn and "Lovers In A Dangerous Time."

Bruce Cockburn's "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" could be a song about the internet generation, but it was written twenty years before the launch of YouTube.

In the early 80s, Bruce Cockburn was living in Toronto with his young daughter, who was just starting school. One day when she was about five years old, she came home from school and explained that she was shown a pig's lung to demonstrate the dangers of smoking. Both Cockburn and his girlfriend were smokers and he says some very passionate discussion took place around the dinner table that day.

It occurred to Bruce Cockburn that kids his daughter's age were growing up a lot faster than they did when he was her age. It was the age of AIDS, environmental concerns and nuclear tensions and information was being spread faster and more graphically than ever before. The image of his daughter playing with her friends in the school yard while the world was becoming a darker place haunted Cockburn. He wanted to write a song that would send a positive, encouraging message to his daughter and her generation.

In these times - when images and stories of environmental disasters, global warming, school shootings, cyber bullying, civil wars and international conflicts circulate at light speed on the internet - "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" is more relevant and sends a message more essential now than ever.

This song was a top 30 hit in 1984 and now stands as a classic. This is "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" by Bruce Cockburn on Rear View Mirror.

~from Junk-in-the-Trunk-Drives-Daily-Blog-for-Thursday-May-22 by Rich Terfry.

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