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circa 1973 - photos by Keith McDougall
Octopus - News and Reviews - May 25, 1970

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21 May 2014 - Bruce Cockburn, certainly a hero of mine. Here is a very young Bruce playing in on campus at a small coffee house one evening. Don't recall the exact date, early 70s, as I graduated in 72. Though it might be a bit later as after U of C I went to photography school at the Banff Centre, so might be then, 73ish, and might be, have a vague memory, driving Canmore to Banff for the coffee house. ~ Keith McDougall - National Park Warden Ret.

Bruce Cockburn early 70's - photo Keith McDougall Bruce Cockburn early 70's - photo Keith McDougall

Octopus - News and Reviews - May 25, 1970

Review of album titled Bruce Cockburn, from 1970

Bruce Cockburn has got an album [ titled Bruce Cockburn ] out on True North, a new Toronto record company. It's one of the finest collections of music I've heard. You can put it on the player, sit down, and have a cup of good tea and let it's sounds drift around the room to you.

Which not, coincidentally, is how Bruce performs. At Le Hibou at week, he came on stage and took the house over completely with his music, involving us all in his expression of affirmation of life. Only the fickle were distracted by the traffic.

If you want to hear beautiful creative music, hear his album or hear him next time he is performing.

Photos Steve Finkelman - Optic Enterprises

Submitted to the CockburnProject by Rob Caldwell.

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