-- American West Coast Tour Report --
The Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon - April 6, 2014
Mateel Community Center in Redway, California - April 16, 2014

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20 April 2014 - So last night (April 17) in San Francisco was the final date of the American West Coast tour. The tour started April 3, 2014 in Spokane Washington and came down the coast with three dates in Washington, 2 in Oregon, then over to Napa, CA and down to the southern California coast, then back up to Mendocino and Humboldt County.

The set lists we have, have been uploaded to the Setlist Archives. The concert reports have been nothing short of fantastic, sublime, transcendent. Raves reviews and sold out shows. Bruce was playing strong and full of heart and humor.

Bruce Cockburn - Photo by Scott Docherty -

Bruce Cockburn performed solo at a sold out show at The Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon - April 6, 2014

A long time CockburnProject friend Hal Darst, says of the show in Portland, "Really, this show was just intense! Each friggin' moment was just so packed with "presence" in the present! My own thought was "how do I keep up with this - and I'm just tryin' to listen?!" As always in these concerts I just feel a complete awe, sense of wonder, and gratitude."

This photo was taken by Scott Docherty - - and used with permission. Visit his Facebook Photo set for 60 more shots!

Put It In Your Heart

Bruce Cockburn - The Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon - April 6, 2014

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~ Compiled by Bobbi Wisby

Bruce Cockburn - The Mateel Community Center - April 16, 2014 Bruce at the Mateel Community Center - soundcheck - Photo Bobbi Wisby

20 April 2014 - The day was bright, sunny, warm & breezy. I was excited and happy that Bruce would be performing as close to 'in my backyard' as possible. I met him at the Mateel at load in, around 1pm and we had the opportunity to just sit and talk for awhile. I stayed for a bit of sound check. You can access the complete setlist with more photos.

I was anticipating many friends from near and far, and a party like atmosphere. I wasn't disappointed! Bruce came onstage, all in black with a beautiful black leather vest and immediately had the Mateel fans in the palm of his hand. Every song was performed with passion, blazing guitar skills, and fancy foot work. New sounds with echos and reverb, some reworking of older tunes.. it is like hearing the songs for a first time.

Bruce at the Mateel Community Center - national - Photo Agnes Patak

Bruce at the Mateel Community Center - footwork - Photo Agnes Patak

Bruce was quoted in an article recently, No matter how dragged out I might be, which I occasionally am getting to a gig, once I get on the stage and its just between me and the people that are there, that all goes away and its replaced by what I perceive as a collective energy that happens with all of us in the room together. And that gives it life. There was a lot of life in the room on Wednesday night. Thank you Bruce for coming to our little town and giving us such a wonderful show. I hope you will come back to our neck of the woods again soon.

Bruce at the Mateel Community Center - dulcimer- Photo Agnes Patak

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~Written by Bobbi Wisby

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