-- Music Icon and Prominent Activist Bruce Cockburn on Tour to Help Raise Awareness about Environmental Defence’s Work to Protect the Environment and Human Health --
Cockburn Shares Charity’s Message to “Kick Out Toxics”

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26 August 2013 - Toronto, ON – As celebrated Canadian artist and humanitarian visits Algonquin Theatre on August 27 and 28 in Huntsville, ON, Bruce Cockburn will join Environmental Defence in its efforts to inspire change and ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all.

Music legend, Cockburn has a long list of honours, including 13 Juno Awards, an induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and several international awards. In 1982, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Officer in 2002.

Believing that environmental action is the responsibility of all Canadians, Cockburn is using his worldwide success to help share Environmental Defence’s “Kick Out Toxics” message to thousands of Ontarians during his tour. Specifically, he is helping to raise awareness and funding for Environmental Defence’s campaign to kick out chemicals with links to cancer that are found in many commonly used household products in Canada.

“I'm very pleased to be able to assist Environmental Defence in raising awareness both of the concerns around environmental issues in general and of household toxins in particular, and of the value and possibility of meaningful action. Widespread public involvement in these issues is critically needed. I feel there are many individuals among my audience who understand this and who will welcome the chance to support the work of this very worthy organization," said Cockburn.

During each of the stops on Small Source Of Comfort tour, fans and concert-goers will have the opportunity to sign-up and become Environmental Defenders - monthly donors with Environmental Defence. Pledging to give monthly ensures Environmental Defence can respond quickly to critical environmental and health issues.

In 2011, a report by Statistics Canada revealed that cancer is now the leading cause of death in this country. A staggering more than 40 per cent of Canadians will experience cancer over the course of a lifetime. More and more there is evidence which demonstrates a link between environmental factors and breast and prostate cancer, and leukemia, drawing attention to the need for increased protection from exposure to carcinogens in our daily lives.

“We are honoured that Bruce Cockburn has chosen to support our work during his tour and to help raise awareness about an issue that touches the lives of thousands of Canadians,” said Sarah Winterton, acting executive director of Environmental Defence.

Every day, Canadians are exposed to toxic chemicals in their personal environment. Before breakfast, the average Canadian uses 15 personal care products with over 100 toxic ingredients.

Over time, all of these exposures to toxins add up, affecting our health and the health of our environment. Environmental Defence is educating the public on this issue and is calling upon increased transparency on ingredient labels and to ban toxic chemicals from household products. Environmental Defence relies on the generous support of Canadians to make this work possible.

ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE ( Environmental Defence is Canada's most effective environmental action organization. We challenge, and inspire change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all.

For more information, or interview requests, please contact: Stephanie Kohls, Environmental Defence, 416-323-9521 ext. 232,

For more information about Bruce Cockburn, visit or contact: Bernie Finkelstein,

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