Bruce Cockburn in Santa Cruz
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Bruce Cockburn Poster-Rio Theatre - Santa Cruz 2013

14 July 2013 - After a 3 month hiatus from touring, Bruce has started another leg of his tour by playing an excellent show in Santa Cruz at the Rio Theatre last Friday night. He looked rested and happy to be there, and the Santa Cruz crowd welcomed him warmly.

Bruce Cockburn - 2013 - Santa Cruz

He started the set with: 1. Grim Travelers (after which he said, "I wish some of these songs became irrelevant but this one wanted to come back. It was written in 1978 when I was flying first class to Japan (which never happens anymore) next to the Japanese representative to the World Bank and he was talking about the coming globalization and moving goods and people around as if they were nothing." (transcribed by Diana)

2. Iris of the World
3. When You Give it Away
4. Bohemian Three Step
5. Night Train
6. Understanding Nothing - "another song I haven't sung in front of Humans for a while"
7. Lovers in a Dangerous Time
8. Pacing the Cage

Pacing The Cage

9. Wondering Where the Lions Are (long - 30+ minute break)
10. Stolen Land
11. Call Me Rose

While he was tuning, I asked him how the book was coming along, (he is writing a biography) he said he was two years late for a first draft deadline, which is either the middle or end of July 2013, but he was working with a writer, Greg King from Humboldt and it was going well and they should have a draft by the end of the month and if we all lived long enough we should see it.

Bruce Cockburn - 2013 - Santa Cruz 12. Look How Far
13. Call It Democracy
14. God Bless the Children
15. Put It In Your Heart

He was getting set up at the dulcimer when someone called out for All the Diamonds and he said "NO" quite emphatically, and it was actually quite funny as I have never heard that tone of voice from Bruce before.

16. Arrows of Light


17. Strange Waters
18. Tie Me at the Crossroads
19. Anything Can Happen

He has his 3 Manzers and Dulicmer on stage, no chimes, gongs or singing bowls this time, but lots of pedal work with echos and effects.

Strange Waters

Bruce graciously did a meet and greet and signing after the show, there was a long line but it moved fairly quickly. I had a much too short of conversation with him.

Iris of the World

by Bobbi Wisby
Photos by Riley Quarles and Videos
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