Bruce Cockburn Illustration in The Duck in the Wilderness
By Ragnar Aalbu

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30 October 2012 - Ragnar Aalbu, ia a Norwegian Children's book illustrator / author, who's tenth picture book, The Duck in the Wilderness, was published this fall. Bruce Cockburn plays a tiny part in this book.

Ragnar Aalbu illustration of Bruce Cockburn

The book is about a urban duck going to the gountry on a fishing trip. Kind of a fun, slapstick adventure. I got permission to use a part of the lyrics from Going to the Country in the car radio, which was great - and while working on it I decided to put Bruce in there as well.

The scene shows the duck driving, listening to the song, looking forward to get out of town, but in the meantime things happens behind the car. The duck, being a lousy driver, isn't paying attention. Bruce plays the opart of a surprised guy in a meeting car. Both Bernie Finkelstein and Bruce liked the illustration. ~ Ragna Raalbu

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