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23 January 2012 - On 17 September 2000, the CockburnProject published THE STORY OF A GUITAR - FROM LUTHIER TO CURRENT OWNER: COCKBURN'S BLUE "FLYING V". A few days ago we received an email from the luthier, Imre de Jonge letting us know that he is back in the guitar building business. Below is an excerpt:

Imre de Jonge - Blue V1

I trust that John Rafaele still owns the guitar and is still happy with it... I hope so. Every year or 2 I get emails from far-flung people who own my guitars, telling me how much they love them, and how well they play and stand up to time... it's very gratifying. No bad news yet...

At the time I was interviewed about that guitar I had put luthiery on the back burner to join the Toronto film industry and work more on my music.

But I never got rid of my collection of wood, including 5 guitars that I had already started. Now I'm at it again, and those guitars are getting finished, and that super well-aged wood will get used. I moved out of Toronto in '05 to a beautiful 20-acre property just outside of Huntsville, in north Muskoka. I have my own forest now, and have been cutting wood and stacking it away for future guitars, (some now ready) focussing on spalted, figured, and crotch woods, with a view to creating a truly home-grown guitar. I'm making many of my own parts now too, from wood, antler, and stone.

Anyway, the long-short of it is that I'm back to building, and I thought the Cockburn Project might be interested in that little update. I'm building better guitars with some cool innovations, and yup, I'm planning more V guitars, but this time they'll be carved one-piece full-length from a tree crotch. (I can afford a lot of scrap now, and I heat with wood) I've recently finished one of those that I started way back in '88; a very natural, organic guitar featuring electric, acoustic, and MIDI modes; the ultimate in versatility... Bruce would probably love this guitar. (and it stays on your lap when you sit down!)

I've erected a simple website to showcase what I'm doing now, as well as past guitars. (including the blue V, which I did manage to photograph before delivery)

To read the whole story, go HERE.

~bobbi wisby

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