Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman
Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

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Bruce Cockburn at Kate Wolf Festival 2011-soundcheck - Photo by Kim Sallaway

27 June 2011 - As Bruce continues touring to promote his 31st album release, Small Source of Comfort, I, once again had the great pleasure of seeing // hearing Bruce and Jenny play a fabulous set of music. I saw them with Gary Craig on drums at the Uptown Theater in Napa on June 2.

The Kate Wolf Festival is a 3 day /night camping music festival. This year the temps were in the 80's with Sunday being the hottest day. This show had been promoted as a solo show, but a few days earlier I heard Jenny was going to be playing as well. And as it should be, Jenny grew up just a couple hours drive from the venue, you could say it was a family affair for her to be playing so close to home. And she did have the crowd in her pocket.

Sometime around mid-afternoon, (very hot) Bruce and Jenny did a short short sound check. The stage was full of people including the Festivals Childrens Grateful Parade with Wavy Gravy MC-ing. We heard a bit of Last Night of the World, Jenny's song, Littlest Prisoner, Iris of the World and Put It In Your Heart.

Their set started at 7:40pm. The sun was just going down behind the trees and stage (thankfully), and the lighting was great. Wavy Gravy gave Bruce a wonderful introduction, and they started into Last Night of the World, but stopped as Bruce's capo was placed wrong.. once fixed they took off.


Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman at Kate Wolf Festival 2011- Photo by Kim Sallaway
Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman at Kate Wolf Festival 2011- Photo by Kim Sallaway

One of the things that really stand out for me watching Bruce and Jenny perform together, is the great feeling of joy that seems to pass over him as she plays. They have great synergy.

Bruce Cockburn at Kate Wolf Festival 2011- Photo by Kim Sallaway
Jenny Scheinman at Kate Wolf Festival 2011- Photo by Kim Sallaway

Here's the setlist:
Last Night of the World
Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Iris of the World
Strange Waters

Bruce tells the story of meeting Wavy Gravy in South Dakota many many years ago at a rally or concert supporting or surrounding the Wounded Knee incidents. (again wish I had a recording)

Parnassus and Fog
Call Me Rose
Littlest Prisoner - Jenny's song
If A Tree Falls
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Arrows of Light

Then the Wailing Jenny's joined them onstage for Put It In Your Heart and Waiting For A Miracle. Just before Waiting For a Miracle, Bruce says, "I don't know about you guys (to the audience), but "I'm having fun."

There was no encore as the schedule didn't allow any time for it :( althought the crowd did try to bring him back.

Bruce Cockburn - Jenny Scheinman - Wailin Jennys at Kate Wolf Festival 2011- Photo by bobbi wisby

My friend and local photographer Kim Sallaway provided most of the photos above. Big Thanks to him!

I have more photos and some video up at my blog ~ bobbi wisby.
Update : 4 July 2011 - I have added another whole page full of Kim Sallaway's photos.... go check it out!

~ by bobbi wisby

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