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18 May 2010 - CockburnProject editor, Suzanne Myers, contacted Bruce's manager Bernie Finkelstein, for some news on the upcoming recording session and the new touring dates. This is his response:

Bruce will be in the studio just about right after the Luminato tribute (June 16, 2010). Colin Linden will be producing. We'll be recording in Canada and the US. (at various studios, at this time undisclosed)
The question of who's in the studio with Bruce is still being sorted out, and I'll let you know when that is set. I don't think there will be any more summer tour dates due to the recording.

We hope that the album will be finished by the time Bruce goes to the Maritimes ( these dates were cancelled ) but you never know. This tour will be solo.

The most likely release date for the CD, world-wide, but certainly in Canada and the US will be March 1, 2011. At the point when the CD comes out, look for Bruce to be very active on the touring front with plenty of dates.

For those who went to the west coast dates, Bruce did most of the new material although not all on any one night. However a few of the songs he didn't do at all during that tour.

~from Bernie Finkelstein

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