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26 May 2009 -

This new independant film will be screening at the Reelheart film festival in Toronto on June 26th. The film has been gaining recognition with film festivals; including winning Best Canadian Feature Film at the Okanagan International Film Festival and The Maverick Award at the Method Fest in Los Angeles. features a title song cover of Bruce's Lovers In A Dangerous Time by JBM.

This romantic ‘Canadiana’ tale centers around two former childhood friends; Todd, a small town could-have-been, and Allison, an overly nostalgic children’s book illustrator, who are reunited at their ten year high school reunion and embark on a childish yet romantic adventure recapturing the life they use to live. The result has them spiraling into delinquent behavior where scorching campfire antics, teenage bush parties and childhood memories only delay their impending return to adulthood. In the end, it’s a story about those that are unwilling to let go of their youth and the means they will take to hold on to it.

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