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25 May 2009 -

Bruce Cockburn-View From the Woodpile-Photos from soundchecks and performances by Daniel Keebler A photo book of Bruce at work is on the way by Daniel Keebler.

The book contains more than 110 photographs taken at soundchecks and performances from 1994 to 2008. The last series of photographs were taken at a recording session in Seattle in November 2008. The book contains both color and black and white images.

I (Daniel Keebler) am pleased to say the book will be released with the cooperation of Bruce and his manager, Bernie Finkelstein. The four page biography was fact-checked and amended by Bruce.

UPDATE: 8 July 2009 - The book is available for purchase at : !!

Bruce Cockburn – a view from the Woodpile, is now available for purchase. I am publishing the book online through a Print On Demand (POD) publisher called Blurb ( While this method is more expensive than the traditional off-set printing procedure, this is the only way I could afford to make the book available. Most of the retail price of the book goes to Blurb for printing. My cut is minimal. I did not set out to make piles of cash off the sale of this book, but rather to share my photos with fans of Bruce Cockburn, hoping it might offer a slightly unique view of him at work. I think this is the first book out there dedicated solely to Bruce.

This is a small project. There are people who might appreciate having the book but may never find it. I have no big advertising campaign. If you want to help spread the word about this book, I would welcome that and be most appreciative. Consider including a link to the book as part of the signature on your emails. If you have Twitter, My Space, Facebook, a blog, a website… a simple link to the book at Blurb would be all that is needed.

The book is available in two options:
hardback with a dust jacket

The book is 120 pages long and is ordered from the Blurb website and mailed directly to you. It contains photos from performances, soundchecks, a recording session and a few other locations, between 1994 and 2008. There is a two page introduction, a four page biography (Bruce assisted with the bio), a discography and a few other tour-related graphics.

The fact Bruce supported me on this project means a lot to me personally, but I also think it helps to validate the project in a broader sense. Since I started Gavin’s Woodpile in late 1993, it has been important for me to document Bruce’s work as accurately as I can. By trusting me, Bruce has helped me make that goal a lot easier. For that I am grateful.

My big thanks go to all of you who have supported Gavin’s Woodpile through the past fifteen years. It is lifting to know you are out there. ~ Daniel, July 8, 2009.

Bruce Cockburn Photo Book Bruce Cockburn Photo Book

Purchase the book here:

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