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2 September 2008 - Bernie Finkelstein sent along some news on the upcoming solo-live recording.

This will be a double CD.

There will be a section at the end of the CD tentatively called "The Soundcheck" which, as you can imagine was recorded during various soundchecks and includes some chat, Bruce doing some jamming on his twelve string and part of a old old song that Bruce has never released in the past, as well as a great version of Kit Carson.

There is another new song on the CD called "City is Hungry".

Until the record is mastered I don't want to confirm all of the repertoire as it's still subject to change, however some of the highlights at least for me are World Of Wonders, Tibetan Side Of Town, Soul Of A Man and Wait No More. But with over 18 songs on the CD everyone will have their own favourites.

There is no fixed release date yet for the CD but it could come out by the end of this year but most likely early 2009.

The TV special and it's companion DVD will not come out until sometime late next year (2009) but will take some time to finish. The TV world is slower than the music world but the show is looking great but it's moving along slowly but deliberately.

That's it for now. ~ from Bernie Finkelstein -

~bobbi wisby

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