Bruce Cockburn visits Truro for Seedy Saturday event

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Bruce Cockburn - Photo by Colin MacLean

10 March 2008 - TRURO - Amongst the stream of people coming and going from St. Andrew's United Church this weekend in support of Seedy Saturday, one man stood out with his long black leather jacket and small round glasses.

Canadian folk/rock icon Bruce Cockburn quietly strolled around the crowded room, stopping every few minutes to checkout a particular displays or chat with a vendor about their product and how it affects the environment.

Cockburn was there to represent the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, an organization he's been supporting since he got the first paycheck from his first album in 1970. "All of the sudden I had this big royalty check. It wasn't a large amount of money by modern standards but it was more than I had ever seen in one place. And I thought oh my God I can't just spend this, it was too much money," said Cockburn.

He's been a "mouth piece" for the organization ever since. Travelling all over the world in support of small farmers and the environment for 30 years.

~ from Truro Daily News. Photo by Colin MacLean.

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