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8 February 2008 - CockburnProject editor Suzanne Myers had an email talk with Bernie Finkelstein concerning what Bruce was up to in the coming year. This is what he said, although none of it is 'carved in stone' at this time.

"2008 is basically an "off year" from full touring. With that being said, Bruce is doing some shows. We are thinking about recording all of the shows with an eye to releasing a solo live CD this fall which is something we've never done. I'll keep you informed as plans move along, of course it might not happen."

Asked if perhaps Bruce would be touring any where else, California maybe?, Bernie responded:

"It's still possible that we might be in California and other places this year, but at this time there are no plans until 2009. Again, anything could happen, but the most likely scenario is that Bruce will record a new studio album in late 2008 or early 2009 and then head out on the road for a full schedule of touring in 2009.

In 2009 we would be planning on going just about everywhere we can fit inincluding Australia, Italy etc. Also we definitely want to get back to the southern US, as we do to many places."

"We might have a few benefit shows coming in the fall. Bruce continues to work with several organizations and as you know he just finished his trip to Nepal on behalf of the USC. They are now finishing a film about about the trip. When plans are set for the release of the film (most likely on TV and DVD) I'll make sure you know about them in detail."

~Suzanne Myers and bobbi wisby

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