Life Short Call Now Tour Reports - Part 3
Manchester, New Hampshire and Solfest

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22 August 2007 - The Life Short Call Now tour started in June 2006 with a round of solo festival shows. The end of July 2006 through the end of November 2006 found Bruce touring Julie Wolf and Gary Craig. In early 2007 Bruce was solo again starting out the tour in the UK and then into Germany, Belgium, and Holland. He continues solo through the US and ends this long tour at Solfest August 19th in California. A well deserved break is ahead of him now, with comments from shows indicating that he may be heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a Spanish language immersion course.

2 June 2007 - The June 1st Manchester, New Hampshire tour report comes to the CockburnProject from Doug. Photos are from Sandy in New Hampshire.

Bruce Cockburn 1 June 2007 Manchester New Hampshire - photo by Sandy G Bruce's show last night was exceptional. "Exceptional" because:
1. He was very relaxed, and far more "chatty" than when playing with a band.
2. The venue was great -- old movie theatre with a balcony. The sound was ~exquisite~ -- this was as "clean" a sound as I have ever heard in this kind of venue.
3. Bruce's playing was amazing. A couple of his performances were the best that I have heard.
4. Bruce's voice -- "liquid cocoa", I think one Human has described it -- was spot on.

Set list:
Rouler Sa Bosse
Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Different When it Comes to You (Bruce said that this was a more traditional love song, not as complex as his others. Then he commented that maybe his songs weren't as complex as he thought -- that perhaps he has "delusions of complexity" of making great art, when in fact he is writing basic songs.)
Going to the Country (Bruce said that he was going to play this later in the set, but changed his mind. Said it was a road song that was actually written on the way to Montreal.)
Life Short, Call Now ("another road song")

Bruce Cockburn 1 June 2007 Manchester New Hampshire - photo by Sandy G Beautiful Creatures (Bruce's falsetto was pristine. Quite moving.)
End of All Rivers (Wow -- this was the best that I have heard him do this song.)
Wondering Where the Lions Are (OK performance)
Elegy (So haunting and sublime.)
Wait No More (Someone called out "Dr. Cockburn, when are you going to make your next album. Bruce responded, actually its "Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Cockburn". He then responded "Some years hence . . .", but proceeded to talk about his desire to make an album of all cover songs. Said as long as songs keep coming to him, he'll probably make his songs a priority, but would like to do a covers album someday. He then noted that tomorrow is not a given, and you can't put too much stock into such things.) Baghdad
Tell the Universe (Dedicated to George Bush.)
Put it in Your Heart (Bruce yelled out a particularly impassioned "Come on!". Nothing perfunctory about this performance -- he was feeling it.)
If A Tree Falls
Mystery (Some very wonderful Humans -- all female Humans (we guys don't have the hubrus to do such things -- stood up and let it shine. Very sweet.)
If I had a Rocket Launcher (I have heard this one live too many times. Still, a fine performance.)
Planet of the Clowns - (Wow!)
Child of the Wind -- (Double wow. Beautiful performance.)

This was a large and appreciative crowd. Again, the acoustics were astonishing, and I thought Bruce played one of the better solo performances that I have seen. Interestingly, he did not have a set list for this performance, but appeared to know exactly what he intended to do, and did it perfectly.

I was reminded of how unique Bruce is as a performer. Such strong spiritual/ ethical/ philosophical grounding that makes you want to hear what he has to say, and such poetic gifts to express his thoughts. His guitar playing is so lyrical and intricate that it carries the aforementioned lyrics to places that no other singer-songwriter can match. His voice has such character and expression. He is a phenomenal artist -- here's hoping that he keeps playing until 120!

-- Tour report by Doug. Photos by Sandy from New Hampshire

19 August 2007 - I have had the great fortune to attend 4 shows from this long tour, the Kate Wolf 2006 show and the SF- Great American Music Hall show, ( tour reports here ), the Mystic Theater - Petaluma show and I just got back from the August 19 show at Solfest. All these shows were incredible. What follows is a short report of the Solfest show.

Bruce Cockburn -Solfest 2007. Photos by bobbi wisby.>
<font face=

Solfest is a sustainable living information networking festival in Hopland, California. The tented outdoor venue area is small, maybe 400 or 500 people. It was a warm/ humid day and Bruce's set started around 2:30 in the afternoon. People were sitting in the grass/ dirt in the area in front of the stage when I arrived. Fortunately there were still some chairs to be had and we got seats in the first row behind these people. This venue is always fun, I re-meet Bruce fans from other shows and it really has a feeling of family.

My husband, bless his heart :), wrote the set list out for me. Bruce started out with Last Night Of The World, he was smiling and his eyes were open, seeming to look right at you! How fun, as most know, he usually has his eyes closed while playing. Perhaps because it was a day show and therefore not having lights shining in his face was the reason.

He talked a bit about the 'offer to work for a gun runner' who shows up in this song, See You Tomorrow, where I believe he actually growled the lines, "And all my sins and all my stalkers".

Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Bruce Cockburn -Solfest 2007. Photos by bobbi wisby.>

Bruce introed <a href=Stolen Land with some comments about the Haida people.

During Life Short Call Now, about the second verse or so, the sound system went out! The audience went on singing, which helped a bit, and as always Bruce recovered well.

Beautiful Creatures, hearing this song live, watching Bruce play and sing it, always makes me cry and Wait No More always makes me melt. Such powerful emotions these 2 songs evoke.

Put It In Your Heart
If A Tree Falls
Wondering Where The Lions Are, I have heard this song so many times. This time I actually heard it again and it sounded fresh, with great audience sing-along.

Mystery, this is fast becoming a favorite of mine. And I did "Stand up and let it shine", and the rest of the audience followed along. Perhaps it being the last song made that happen, don't know.

Encore: Bruce came back out and played an intoxicating End Of All Rivers to a standing room of loving fans.

~bobbi wisby

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