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November 28 December 7, 2006 - Bruce will be traveling with friends Linda Panetta, Bishop Tom Gumbleton and others to Venezuela.

This delegation of peace, religious and human rights activists from the United States and Canada will visit Venezuela during the time of the December presidential elections. The purpose of the delegation is to have a direct experience of changes taking place in Venezuela, with a special attention to the lives of the poor. The group will also have the chance to observe the electoral experience first hand. The eight days in the country will be divided between Caracas and the state of Lara in order to experience both urban and rural realities. Participants will visit community groups involved in new initiatives in the areas of health, education, agriculture, cooperatives, culture and communication. The group will also have the chance to dialogue with religious leaders, members of the government and the opposition, and representatives of the United States government in Venezuela. Time will be allotted to reflect on the experience and strategize about follow up.

The Participants are,
Linda Panetta, Co-Coordinator
Lisa Sullivan, Co-Coordinator/facilitator/translator (20 years in Venezuela)
Bishop Tom Gumbleton
Bishop Walter Sullivan
Bruce Cockburn
Joe Fahey
Rev. John Collins
Marvin Gonzales (Pax Christi Member)

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