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22 March 2006 - I received an email last week from Julie Wolf, musician extraordinaire, who was doing a gig at the Mateel Community Center. We met up ever so briefly before her show and talked a bit about the recording session she had just completed with Bruce Cockburn.

Julie Wolf at the Mateel Community Center 17March06 - Photo by Pierre Gaude

Quoting from her blog, "We had a blast at Puck's Farm Studio's, which is about an hour drive from Toronto. Jonathan Goldsmith was helming the producer's chair, besides being the producer, he's a stunning pianist/keyboardist and played some gorgeous fender rhodes on a tune."

Gary Craig - Photo from Live at Rehearsal Hall on "On drums was Gary Craig, who had such a huge pocket and grooved his ass off. He has an incredible touch and was very tuned in to interplay with Bruce's guitar playing."

David Piltch "On bass was David Piltch, who was so soulful and beautiful."

"And then there's Bruce; people, let me tell you, Mr.Cockburn was unflinchingly solid and funky and soulful and spot on. All day. All night. He really shows up and brings his beautiful self to everything."

"I am so proud to be part of this recording. I can't wait to hear where it goes and what it becomes after all is said and done. We did 4 days of basics, and I did 2 days of all-julie-all-day overdubs. I got to play a pump organ. I got to sing weird intervals. I got to groove hard on the accordion. I got to play a fender rhodes that used to belong to Motown. And I got to sing with Bruce, which is truly sublime."

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    ~bobbi wisby

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