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A collection of 13 of Steve's favorite Cockburn compositions


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Steve Bell

Of this new project, Bernie Finkelstein (President / True North Records) says, "Steve Bell finds the beauty, strength, and intrigue in Bruce Cockburn's songs and gives each track his own fine interpretation. Simply said, this is a wonderful record".

7 March 2006 - Steve has been a staple of the Winnipeg music community for over 25 years. His career has produced a dozen solo albums selling well over a quarter of a million copies independently and garnering numerous awards including JUNOS in 1997 and 2000.

Steve Bell has now chosen to celebrate Bruce Cockburn's ongoing contribution to music and culture with the release of My Dinner with Bruce, a collection of 13 of Steve's favorite Cockburn compositions. Steve's interpretations, driven by his virtuoso acoustic guitar play and distinctive tenor voice, make this album a treasure for both the Bell and Cockburn faithful, as well as those discovering these artists for the first time. The album, recorded in the fall of 2005, will be released nationally on the Signpost label.

"A Decade of Music Portraits" for Art Gives Hope Andrew MacNaughtan, Canada's award-winning rock photographer has organized a photographic celebration as a means of raising funds for and awareness of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY with the ultimate goal to alleviate Third World debt.

7 March 2006 - The participating artists have all spoken out for this cause and Bruce Cockburn is among the over 50 Canadian recording artists participating in "A Decade of Music Portraits" for Art Gives Hope. One autographed edition will be up for auction between March 7 - 17. And 24 more unsigned editions are currently available for purchase. These are in rare quantities. Among all Bruce Cockburn fans only 25 will own these. Proceeds from this event will benefit humanitarian efforts in Africa. For more information visit . Not only is this a chance to own a piece of music history, it's a chance to save lives and end suffering.

~bobbi wisby

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