Watch This!
Bruce Cockburn on A Zoe/Rounder Video Compilation DVD

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Watch This!
Bruce Cockburn on A Zoe/Rounder Video Compilation DVD

16 April 2004 - Watch This! is Rounder Records' first-ever music video compilation. Featuring eight concept videos from such popular Zoe and Rounder artists as the Cowboy Junkies, Sarah Harmer, Bruce Cockburn, Kathleen Edwards, Great Big Sea, The Cash Brothers, Grant-Lee Phillips, and Blue Rodeo, Watch This! is a low-cost introduction to the music of some of the most talented artists in the Rounder family.

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    1. I'm So Open - Cowboy Junkies (04:10)
    2. Basement Apt. - Sarah Harmer (04:06)
    3. Open - Bruce Cockburn (03:57)
    4. Six O'clock News - Kathleen Edwards (04:34)
    5. Sea of No Cares - Great Big Sea (03:40)
    6. Shadow of Doubt - Cash Brothers (04:11)
    7. We All Get a Taste - Grant-Lee Phillips (03:53)
    8. Bulletproof - Blue Rodeo (04:42)

"These are not just videos, but nicely crafted musical productions, with scenarios and situations that are appropriate to the content. Hopefully, Rounder will do more of these in other areas, because Watch This! is a most welcome change from the standard music video collection." - By Ron Wynn,, April 05, 2004.

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