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16 February 2003 - Amidst all the world's turmoil it might be nice to get some good news, no? Bruce's latest album, "You've Never Seen Everything" is due out June 10, 2003 for worldwide distribution. Ever curious, The Cockburn Project recently caught up with Bruce's manager, Bernie Finkelstein via the electronic e-waves and he shared some insights about Bruce's latest offering to the world.

Cockburn Project: I wondered, with Bruce having previewed some new songs during the last year or so on tour what songs made the final cut?

Bernie Finkelstein
  Bernie Finkelstein
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Bernie Finkelstein: Here is the final track listing. Some of the songs have been played at shows but many of them will be new to most everyone. They are all new songs as they have been written over the past few years. However, Celestial Horses had it's beginnings many years ago, although it is newly finished and was recorded for the bonus disc for AAA.

Title: You've Never Seen Everything
Release Date: June 10, 2003
[1] Tried & Tested (5:00)
[2] Open (3:57)
[3] All Our Dark Tomorrows (6:15)
[4] Trickle Down (6:16)
[5] Everywhere Dance (4:18)
[6] Put It In Your Heart (5:23)
[7] Postcards From Cambodia (6:55)
[8] Wait No More (4:04)
[9] Celestial Horses (5:59)
[10] You've Never Seen Everything (9:13)
[11] Don't Forget About Delight (5:48)
[12] Messenger Wind (3:29)

All songs written by Bruce Cockburn.
Except: Track 4 written by Bruce Cockburn, Andy Milne, and Carl Walker, Track 5 written by Bruce Cockburn and Andy Milne.

Cockburn Project: Having read interviews of the past year or so it appears that Bruce has been introspective and meditative and I wondered if that feeling had come through in this album.

Bernie Finkelstein: I really don't like to comment on the feeling one might get in listening to the CD. It's always best for that to either come from the listener or perhaps from Bruce. Of course the title of the CD You've Never Seen Everything gives you some idea of where this record is coming from.

Cockburn Project: Cover art has always been a strong point in Bruce's work, often reflective of the theme of the album, when asked about this Finkelstein offered:

Bernie Finkelstein: Well again it will be better for Bruce to discuss the theme if any for the CD which I don't think he's ready to do yet. We are in the process of doing the cover now and haven't yet decided which way to go. I can tell you that Micheal Wrycraft will be doing the cover. He did Breakfast and AAA. We always try to make the artwork an extension and reflection of the work on the record. Hopefully this cover will do the same.

Cockburn Project: Knowing that some of the more recent pieces of Bruce's writing have been poetic in nature and thinking specifically of Postcards from Cambodia, I asked if Finkelstein felt other cuts on this album had that same quality and if any ones in particular came to mind?

Bernie Finkelstein: Well I think all of the cuts are very poetic, each in their own way. However in the sense that Postcards is mostly a spoken piece then the title cut is also spoken and with a very dramatic sung chorus that includes backup vocals from Emmylou Harris.

Cockburn Project: Looking at an early June release date I wondered would Bruce be touring or doing appearances prior to that date? And with Bruce having toured for landmine reform in recent months, did he have any other groups that he's going to be lending his support to?

Bernie Finkelstein: Yes, the CD is going to come out on June 3 pretty much around the world. There might be some appearances before the release but I don't know for sure at this time. There is one show booked in Ottawa on May 19, 2003 for the Tulip Festival. This is a makeup date for the cancelled show from last year.

Bruce will be doing a press conference in Ottawa on February 19 in support of the Lubicon. He has done a television and radio spot calling upon the Canadian government to live up to their promises made to the Lubicon. Bruce has been supporting the Lubicon for some time now.
[The radio ads will start running on Monday Feb 17, 2003 and the TV ad starts on March 3rd.]

There are always many things that Bruce supports some private and some public. He has recently signed a petition which received broad coverage in Canada asking the Canadian government to not go to war with Iraq based on the current evidence available. As well, he signed a petition asking the Canadian government to sign the Kyoto Accord.

Cockburn Project: The Cockburn Project gets lots of mail begging for dates in the southern US, Australia and the UK and Italy, so I asked Finkelstein if he thought those places might be included in this next tour?

Bernie Finkelstein: We hope to start the tour sometime around July 1. With luck we will get to all of the above places in the next 12 to 15 months. The last tour for Breakfast in New Orleans included dates in the UK and Italy by the way. Bruce just hasn't been on the road that much since that release. I really hope we get to the southern US as well as Australia on this tour. He was in the south this year on the landmine tour.

Ben Riley
   Ben Riley
   photo: Greg Lyons
Steve Lucas
   Steve Lucas
   photo: Greg Lyons
Hugh Marsh
   Hugh Marsh - photo courtesy

Cockburn Project: Last but not least I noted that on the last tour Bruce was solo, and wondered if he will he be touring alone or with a band and would any of the people who'd appeared on the album with him be included in the tour?

Bernie Finkelstein: Yes this tour will be a band tour, that is, the dates that happen after July 1. We hope to have Hugh Marsh, Ben Riley and Steve Lucas but it's not yet confirmed.

So there you have it! Hot off the presses, at least the electronic ones!

Peace, Suzanne Myers

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    Other News

    16 February 2003 - Bruce will be inducted as an Officer in the Order of Canada, on 21 February 2003, in Ottawa.

    16 February 2003 - Bernie Finkelstein will be inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. Mike Bullard will host the 2003 CMW Music Industry Awards to be held on Thursday, 27 February at The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel as part of Canadian Music Week. The annual gathering is where Canada's top music industry professionals honour their own. Special features include Hall of Fame inductions and an intimate performance by Bruce Cockburn.

    ~Bobbi Wisby

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