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30 July 2002 -- On July 26 True North reported to The Cockburn Project that recording will begin in October, 2002 on Bruce's latest recording efforts. This will mark Bruce's 30th album/CD. And judging by fan's reports on the new material, we have something special to look forward to. Right now they are laying groundwork and getting the prep out of the way for the endeavor this fall.

When asked, Bruce's manager Bernie Finkelstein said, "Bruce and Colin Linden will be co-producing and Hugh Marsh will have a prominent role in the record. Bruce has around 17 songs and we may or may not record them all. He has been doing some of them during his recent shows. We do hope to have the new CD out sometime in the spring of 2003 or early summer."

Back in March Bruce himself commented on the coming work to G. Brown of the Denver Post:
"Virtually all the songs at this point are acoustic, but that doesn't mean that they won't be treated with a rhythm section or a band in the studio," Cockburn said. "They tend to be personal and introspective, but there's a long spoken-word piece about Cambodia. There are some "poppier"-sounding songs. There are no overtly political songs, although the philosophical stances that are described include a jaundiced view of certain political things."
"I'm just doing what I always do. It's just the blues, really."

-- from "Cockburn's musicical passion live in new CD, Anonymity doesn't stop "Greatest Hits" collection.", Denver Post, March 8, 2002, by G. Brown.

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